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Welcome to Beijing for RSG 2019.

You will get: 2 days for keynote speeches given by cutting-edge agile practitioner Meetings, Workshops and Coaching clinics hosts by experts from different roles, culture and backgrounds A Gathering for Agile Methodology Users worldwide
A good opportunity to exchange working experience
The last but not the least: Earn SEUs


Expected to a full schedule in June!


Ricardo Tome

Ricardo Tome

Country: United Kingdom
Topic: Transforming C-level executives: from agony to (possible) joy

Topic Introduce:
When "transforming" an organisation towards a more Agile environment, C-level executives can become a real challenge. They usually say "let's do it" but there is a big gap between that statement and the real execution, meaning that even when a CxO sponsors the Agile "transformation", the transformation can be slow and very painful...

How can that gap be closed? How do we help C-level executives to understand what Agile really is, why to use it, what is the impact of it to the organisation and what should be their level of participation?

I'll share real life examples of Agile "transformation" plans/strategies defined with C-level executives and some techniques used to properly engage with them.


Ethan Huang

Country: China
Topic:20 Ways of Running Rereospectives

Topic Introduce:
Retrospective Meeting is a Scrum activity that the ScrumMasters love and hate at the same time. It is very important because the team uses the meeting to continuously improve themselves; it is very difficult at the same time because the ScrumMasters often run into challenges, for instance embarrassing silence, inefficient discussion, conflicts etc.

The topic starts from the common ‘Anti-patterns” which was summarized from the past 13 years (2006-2019) experience the instructor works as ScrumMaster; it also clears some mid-concepts of why and how Retrospective is designed in that way; and lastly it introduces 20 different ways for the ScrumMasters to conduct fun and effective Reospective meetings in different stages of team development.

Maciej Sowinski

Maciej Sowinski

Country: Polska
Workshop: Product thinking with Innovation Games

Workshop Introduce:
This workshop aims at defining product and project thinking. It aims also on teaching participants techniques for facilitating product thinking that they can use on their current initiatives.

Workshop is very interactive and focuses on practicalities of working with products. Tools presented are based on Innovation Games activities for fostering product vision.

Kiro Harada

Kiro Harada

Country: Japan
Topic: Kaizen in Practice

Topic Introduce:


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